Trying to Stay Unscrambled

Last night at the PM the team lead us in O Holy Night. At the first meeting we discovered that a “rogue” version had wormed its way into the powerpoint presentation. I’m not sure how this happened, but it was as if the pieces of the song had been dropped on the floor and been reassembled out of order.

It was something like the funny a capella choir doing their famous all-in-one Christmas carol. (Check this out).

The songs that come out of storage at Christmas time don’t always get the concentration they deserve. They become more of a fragrance. They are like background music for the season. They set a mood. So I am not sure if anyone really noticed that O Holy Night got scrambled.

It was a little ironic, however, that the chorus that completely disappeared from the powerpoint was: “He knows our need. Our weakness is no stranger. Behold your king.” That is such a powerful message of the incarnation, in a nutshell, that I would hate for anyone to miss it! — the baby in our cradle, the adult on our cross, hope in our suffering.

It is so easy to get scrambled and miss the whole thing! We start humming along to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, in our preoccupation, and think its Christmas! I know that my weekend was full of stuff that scrambled me up good! Good news, bad news, good feelings followed by bad, fun followed by anxiety. It is all too easy to let the sound of the incarnation become background noise to the drama of my own self-centeredness. So I am doubly glad for the persistence of my Lord. I hope when B101 plays Do You Hear What I Hear? I am really listening to what is behind the music and focus – a LOT. Something is actually occurring.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Stay Unscrambled

  1. I admit, I didn’t notice the difference in Oh Holy Night. I thought the chorus changed each verse….

  2. I’ve been thinking about how even God’s own nation almost missed their Messiah’s birth. God had to send outsiders/foreigners: the magi, to Herod’s palace in Jerusalem to announce the birth of their new king, and he sent enthusiastic shepherds to carry the surprise announcement in the town where Jesus was born. Despite the general daftness, God is speaking, happily, joyfully to those who would hear it: a savior is born among you! I also am glad for the persistence of the Lord.

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