Michael Jackson helped convert me

Believe it or not, Jackson helped me become a Christian full-on. When I heard him singing like God to a rat, it dawned on my Baptist-soaked consciousness that I was the rat and God was God. As a song from God, Ben is even better.


I am surprised that so many 20-somethings relate to the 70s stuff by the Jacksons. They added a lot of joy to the airwaves. Once we found out what was really going on, things seemed as fake as they should. Nevertheless, no matter what they were doing, or even how they were fooling, don’t you think it is great how God spoke through the gifted vocals and even the weird idea behind the song to, again, create something from mostly nothing? Thanks Michael.

5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson helped convert me

  1. I am responding to Micheal Jackson helping anyone become a christian full-on…..Well, I have been a christian for more than 20 years and have never met anyone as godly as MJ. Being able to forgive his enemies and never saying anything negative about anyone, etc. Seeing GOD in children, life, etc. I have never been able to do that until I learned about Micheal Jackson’s charactor. He was surely angelic of a human being, going through so much, giving so much, forgiving so much. How many of us can do that. It was all the CHRISTIAN sites that judged him. He never judged anyone. I have lately been ashamed of my christian brothers and sisters thinking you cannot possibly be saved unless you say a sinners’s prayer.
    I once knew a man who was a “GOOD” man. He had a cardiac and found himself at the gates of Hell, wondering why. He had never hurt anyone, etc. and JESUS met him there at the gates and gave him a chance to accept and of course he did and during the time he was dead, family was praying and he returned to life going all over to tell everyone Hell was real and at the time, he was not even a christian at all. Didn’t know God at all….So I KNOW MY GOD is able.
    Many many people were prompted to pray for MJ by the holy spirit, including me when the trials were going on and PRAISE GOD…victory.
    So in the giving, humble, caring, loving life MJ lived, I am certain God had his eye on him….and now has his arms on him….but I am a better person because of MJ. So thank you very much.

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